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news 2017.11.07–12. // internationale kurzfilmtage winterthur
soon the festival will start for its 21st edition // so+ba made all the communication work for this short film festival // posters // catalog // programm // and much more….
news 2017.11.03. // design preis schweiz // prize giving ceremony
so+ba is nominated for the design preis schweiz 2017 for the communication work for the «freitag ad_absurdum» exhibition at the mudac in lausanne, switzerland
news 2017.03.15. // edwina hörl / collection ss 2018 // down to earth

news 2017.01.01. // shinnen akemashite omedetou gozaimasu // happy new year
news 2016.03.01. celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of dadaism

kickoff event to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of dadaism at the Cabaret Voltaire in zurich, in tokyo. the cocktail reception is hosted by the ambassador of switzerland, mr. urs bucher and mrs. anja siebold bucher on tuesday march 1, 2016

チューリヒの「キャバレー・ヴォルテール」にて誕生したダダイズム100年を記念し、 ウルス・ブーヘル駐日スイス大使夫妻主催のカクテル・レセプションを 下記の要領で開催いたします。

news 2016.01.01. // shinnen akemashite omedetou gozaimasu // happy new year
news 2015.10.28–2016.2.28 //freitag ad absurdum / exhibition at mudac lausanne

→ freitag ad absurdum at mudac

news 2015.10.26 //freitag ad absurdum /exhibition preparation at noerd, zurich

news 2016.10.7 // freitag store ginza 5th anniversary
freitag is celebrating their store anniversary starting at 5pm.

→ freitag store party

news 2016.16.06.–30.10. // the 27th brno biennale study room

so+ba is invited to contribute one book to the 27th Brno Biennale Study Room, wich is curated by Kiyonori Muroga & Ian Lynam of IDEA Magazine
we choose the book from barbara kruger «love for sale» because barbara krugers work covers the aspects we think are important for design. design is a medium to transport a message. as designers we are responsible for who we work for. only if we, as designers, can relate/support a product/ company/service, good design is possible. if this is not the case, design becomes decoration, make up

→ the 27th brno biennale

news 2016.03.01. celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of dadaism

kickoff event to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of dadaism at the Cabaret Voltaire in zurich, in tokyo. the cocktail reception is hosted by the ambassador of switzerland, mr. urs bucher and mrs. anja siebold bucher on tuesday march 1, 2016

チューリヒの「キャバレー・ヴォルテール」にて誕生したダダイズム100年を記念し、 ウルス・ブーヘル駐日スイス大使夫妻主催のカクテル・レセプションを 下記の要領で開催いたします。

news 2015.09.19 // tokyo art book fair // party

→ tokyo art book fair 2015

news 2015.9.19.-9.21 // tokyo art book fair 2015 // swiss focus

→ tabf swiss focus

news 2015.09.04 // Soirée graphique Nr°8 // exhibition at KOMET, uferweg 15, 3013 bern, switzerland

the soirée graphique, organised by komet, has been held annually since 2008. the exhibition is a platform for creative artists in the fields of graphic design, photography and the visual arts. it promotes visual design, stimulates new works and reflects trends in contemporary graphic design.
so+ba was invited to join with a and and ephraim bieri made a photographic interpretation on so+ba’s work.

→ soiree graphic 2015

news 2015.1.23.-2.10 // control / shift / plus
gasthaus zum baeren/museum baerengasse in zurich

→ post-graduate programm in curating, zhdk

news 2015.01.01. // shinnen akemashite omedetou gozaimasu // happy new year
news 2014.09.19. // 04–14 archive exhibition edwina hörl / so+ba

austrian fashion designer edwina hörl and swiss graphic design office so+ba have been working together since 2004. their collaboration has never been the typical relationship between client and supplier, but rather a partnership of working together across multiple disciplines, constantly influencing and inspiring each other, with a high focus on artistic expression and mutual respect for each other's craft.

the archive exhibition at «the tokyo art book fair 2014» shows an overview of 10 years of collaboration between edwina hörl and so+ba. a «gesamtkunstwerk» that reflects cultural and social processes through a visual and artistic approach in the field of fashion.

the tokyo art book fair 2014
sept. 19, friday 15:00–21:00 *reception / open for all
sept. 20, saturday 12:00–20:00
sept. 21, sunday 11:00–19:00

venue: kyoto university of art and design, tohoku university of art and design gaien campus 1-7-15 kita-aoyama, minato-ku, tokyo, japan

→ the tokyo art book fair

→ edwina hörl

→ so+ba

news 2014.03.27. //eat creative + so+ba

with the opening of our zurich office and an increasing number of international projects, so+ba is very excited to announce a formal partnership with long-time collaborator eat creative to provide greater opportunity to support european brands looking to expand to asia.

→ eat creative // tokyo/zurich

news 2014.03.05 18:00 // exhibition talk // japanese poster artists – cherry blossom and asceticism // at the museum fuer gestaltung zurich

experiences, inspirations, surprises - 16 years living and working in tokyo susanna baer, art director and founding member of so+ba tokyo, in conversation with bettina richter, curator poster collection

→ museum fuer gestaltung zurich

news 2014.02.07 // swiss pechaKucha night // at super deluxe tokyo

the swiss pechaKucha night is a side-event of the swissdays featuring unusual stories from swiss and japanese speakers on topics ranging from graphic design and architecture to alphorns and the origins of absinthe.

→ swiss pechaKucha night

→ so+ba presentation

news 2014.02.06 – 09. // swissdays // at roppongi hills, tokyo

roppongi hills is transformed into switzerland. a four-day celebration of everything swiss.
this is the kickoff event for the celebrations of the 150th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between switzerland and japan.

→ swissdays

news 2014.01.01. // 150 years switzerland-japan anniversary programme
news 2014.01.01. // shinnen akemashite omedetou gozaimasu // happy new year
news 2013.12.13 – 2014.01.12 // creative cities // exhibition
so+ba is part of the "creative cities" project representing tokyo at kaohsiung design festival in taiwan.

→ creative cities

news 2013.11.15 // pen-pen-gusa // edwina hoerl spring summer exhibition // garden party
news 2013.09.05 // freitag store shibuya // opening party

freitag opens a new flagshipstore in shibuya.

→ freitagstore shibuya

news 2013.08.12.–20. // tokyo typographic passport // exhibition and workshop

→ tokyo typographic passport 2013

news 2013.06.21. – 23. // fax me // exhibition

21 fri 金 19:00 – 23:59 opening party
22 sat 土 11:00 – 18:00 (13:00 – 16:00 m. koji workshop)
23 sun 日 11:00 – 23:59 closing bar (dj do it yourself)

ファックス me is a project by so+ba that started with a request by the australian design magazine "desktop". the task was to illustrate our personal view of australia from japan. we both have not been to australia. we faxed each other bits and pieces of visuals, a mix of personal connections, common knowledge and stereotypes. over the period of a month we exchanged more than 50 faxes, scanned them, and treated them like single colour printing films, blue, red and black. we layered and combined them by chance and came up with a selection of 16 collages that fit our imaginary australia.

we need your help to grow the imaginary country fax project. please fax your personal visual images you have of australia, japan or switzerland to the following number +81 3-3467-7764

more info +
news 2013.05.11 // TEDx tokyo 2013 // l+l=ll

→ TEDx tokyo 2013

news 2013.05.01 // all night long // so+ba hells bells tribute to rock 'n' roll // now in stores
news 2013.04.27 // zou no hana snack // opening event

kickoff event for the "zou no hana snack" series.
the japanese idea of snack, a nice gathering with a special host (mama-san), will start at zou no hana terrace.

→ zou no hana snack

news 2013.1. // shinnen akemashite omedetou gozaimasu // happy new year //

news 2012.12.03 // zou-no-hana journal vol. 3 //

news 2012.11.24 14:00-17:00 // "swiss typography 3" // so+ba workshop at tokyo graphic passport

sso+ba's workshop "swiss typography 3" will be a continuation of last years "swiss typography 2" workshop. it contains a lecture and practical work.

the lecture will be a short introduction to swiss typography with a focus on political propaganda in switzeralnd. switzerland has a unique direct democracy system, and therefor a along history of political poster tradition. next we focus on contemporary movements such as occupy-wall street, anonymous and the design language of grass-roots activism. the practical part will be hands on typography work with limited tools and material.
news 2012.07.01 // never give up // edwina hoerl //ss 2012 collection//
now in stores

zou_no_hana_enjoy_final 2012.05.01 // enjoy zou-no-hana document book
the zou-no-hana document book is printed

the last three years of zou-no-hana terrace is documented in texts and picutres on 76 pages.

zou-no-hana terrace

zou_no_hana_enjoy_final 2012.04.29 // enjoy zou-no-hana picto workshop
so+ba will hold a pictorgram-workshop // start 13:00-15:00 // participants need to register at
place: zou-no-hana terrace // 1 chome kaigan-dori // naka-ku // Yokohama

exhibition "enjoy zou-no-hana" 2012.4.27-5.13

zou-no-hana terrace

news 2012.04.21-22+04.28-30 // aaa // anzen/anshin/anarchy
edwian hoerl // autumn winter exhibition // 12:00-20:00

party // 04.29 with a flute concert by miya, starting 20:30

miya, flute

exhibition + filmscreening_at_soba 2012.04.14 // exhibition + filmscreening // 15:00 - 23:59
so+ba // 5-29-20 kyodo // setagaya-ku // tokyo

ratrak // exhibition + book vernissage // gabriel mauron + pascal greco


super 8 // film 30min // 17:00 / 21:00 // pascal greco // kid chocolat Super 8 is a poetic & psychedelic film by pascal greco with a soundtrack by kid chocolat.



news 2012.3.31. // voices at shibaura house tokyo

"voices" is a gathering of narratives, ideas, knowledge, experiences, opinions and expressions that grow out of the 3.11 disasters in japan.

in the unique open and inviting spaces of shibaura house (build by kazuyo sejima and ryue nishizawa), join workshops, participate in talk sessions, listen to stories, view exhibitions and enjoy music as you reflect on and discuss what has happened over the past year and what should be done to create safe and sustainable communities.


shibaura house

news 2012.1.1. //all the best for 2012
news 2011.10.30 //tokyo graphic passport 2011 // so+ba lecture workship
Session 06. "Swiss Typography Pt.2"
Time: 2011.10.30 (Sun) 13:00-15:00
Venue: 3331 Arts Chiyoda B105

tokyo graphic passport 2011

The workshop "Swiss Typography 2" will be a continuation of so+ba's last "Swiss typography" lecture from last year. The lecture will also include practical work. so+ba will start with a very short introduction to classical Swiss typography and then focus on the experimental development of Swiss typography of Wolfgang Weingart, who is called "the father of Swiss punk design". Weingart is famous for his experimental, expressive work that broke the mould of classical Swiss typography. It was he who ignited the spark of 'typographic anarchy' that burst onto the scene at the beginning of the 1980s.

news 2011.10.19 //never give up // edwina hoerl //ss//2012 collection//
news 2011.07.9 //look with your hands // new envelops in the yokohama rendez-vous shop
news 2011.06.25 - 07.18 //atelier zou-no-hana, workshops for children with the themes: "moving", "painting", "creating"
news 2011.05.31 //namida // exhibition // geneve, switzerland
exhibition from may 31 until june 6
news 2011.05.31 //namida // exhibition // geneve, switzerland
exhibition from may 31 until june 6
opening-party may 31 from 18:00 at ruin gallery 15 rue des eaux-vollandes, geneve
the force of nature has taken thousands of lives. our hearts and our thoughts go to all those who have lost loved ones and those who continue to suffer the difficulty of this crises.
100% of the sales of our work will be donated to the red cross in japan.
the exhibition is made by pascal greco and so+ba
news 2011.05.31 // lohas design award 2011
the rendez-vous project products created by so+ba, "look with your hand" and "tactile note" (in collaboration with veronica schaepers) where selected for the grand prix for the lohas design award. the exhibition takes place at shinjuku giyoen in tokyo.
news 2011.05.22 //edwina hoerl namida party at so+ba gallery
news 2011.05.14 - 22 //edwina hoerl namida exhibition at so+ba gallery
news 2011.2.28 // zou-no-hana terrace // rendez-vous project exhibition 25.2.-27.3.2011
the rendez-vous project is about collaboration between designers/artist and local industries. so+ba's partner is "waku-waku" sheltered workshop for deaf-blind people. in our project we wanted to integrate the waku-waku people into the creative process, not only into the production proscess. we asked them to write messages they would like to share with the seeing people. this messages, mixed with quotes from helene keller (1880-1968) a deaf-blind american activist, where printed on envelopes using the color black and sky-blue.
the second envelope introduces the font-system "braille" created by louise braille 1854.
both of the envelope-projects are made out of recycled braille news paper.

zou-no-hana terrace

rendez-vous project yokohama

news 2010.01.23 //shonan marathon
logo-mark design + art direction for nike japan

nike shonan marathon

news -
news 2010.11.13 // edwina hoerl fkk exhibition at so+ba gallery
news 2010 // this visually led book contains a global selection of the best graphic design studios' work within the fashion industry - from packaging and lookbooks to swing tags and invitations - with exclusive insights from both clients and designers.
so+ba's edwina hoerl work is introduced on page p204-207

laurence king publishing

news 2010.10.01 // slanted magazin #12 // women, typography, design // autumn/winter 2010

slanted magazine

news 2010.09.23-29. // invitation to the tokyo graphic passport exhibition 2010

tokyo graphic passport 2010

news 2010.09.22 // preparation for the exhibition at 3331 in akihabara, tokyo
news 2010.09.18 //preparing so+ba contribution for tokyo graphic passport 2010
news 2010.09.16 //preparation in the so+ba office for the fresh frozen smile exhibition with veronika schaepers
news 2010.07.30-08.01 // edwina hoerl archive-sale at so+ba gallery
concert_at_soba 2010.10.16 //concert // part ine / [ici] tokyo/kristof guez: photography and david chiesa : field recording, computer // part 2 / Hako Otoko/ The Box Man / david chiesa: double bass, naoto yamagishi: percussions and drums and leonardo pellegatta: photography
news 2010.05.28-30 // another world, films screening by jun miyazaki
news 2010.03.19. // from somewhere to nowhere - on the road in china with photographer andreas seibert. film directed by Villi Hermann

imago film

andreas seibert photography

news 2009.02.05 – 27 // helvetica forever at ggg / ginza graphic gallery

even today, a half-century after its inception, helvetica continues to maintain its popularity as the best-known european typeface. this exhibition focuses on how this attractive font, which has swept the global market, is used in an astounding diversity of contexts, from familiar shop signs to the communications mainstay of global corporations.
works and documents from different eras that incorporate helvetica will be on display, including about 30 posters by graphic designers from Japan and many other countries, as well as numerous goods.
two posters and some pamphlets where the so+ba contribution to this exhibition

helvetica forever

ggg gallery tokyo