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fresh frozen smile

«hungry eyes / thirsty ears / fresh frozen smile» is the title for so+ba’s contribution to the «graphic passport 2010 exhibition» held in tokyo from september 23 to 29, 2010.

tokyo graphic passport 2010

the exhibition panels depict 6 different projects which have been developed during the past four years. the projects on the panels are connected by large cut out letters that read «hungry eyes*».
playing with the accidental views through the open shapes, each angle shows a different combination of information in a different context. all 6 different projects share a common approach to authorship and design process. together they form a new piece of information, a new «cadaver exquis», exemplified in the theme of panel 5.


Next project: → zou-no-hana etb (elephant travel bureau)

Previous project: ← «genuine swiss» swiss design symposium

fresh frozen smile -
fresh frozen smile -
fresh frozen smile -
fresh frozen smile -
fresh frozen smile -
fresh frozen smile -
fresh frozen smile + guest exhibitors at the 2010 tokyo graphic passport
+ france: jean philippe delhomme
+ holland: thonik
+ us: robert bergmann
+ australia: john warwicker (tomato)
+ uk: kate gibb
+ switzerland: so+ba
+ japan: hashi/ohgushi
+ belgium: paul boundens
+ norway: bleed/halvor bodin/ Your Friends / sletten&ostvold / bendik kalternborn / node berlin oslo / kristian hammerstad
+ sweden: stockholm design lab