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agent oragne, a personal requiem

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masako sakata became interested in agent orange or dioxin, the toxic defoliant that was sprayed across southern vietnam during the vietnam war by the u.s. army, when her american husband greg davis was diagnosed with liver cancer. greg davis succumbed to the cancer in 2003. masako sakata suspected her photojournalist husband’s disease could have been a result of his exposure to dioxin during his four years in vietnam with the u.s. army.
masako sakata was determined to visit vietnam, the land where millions of people still suffer birth defects and fatal diseases caused by dioxin. after researching agent orange and learning the basic skills of video shooting she traveled to vietnam in july 2004 and completed her first documentary film, «agent orange - a personal requiem», three years later.
«i can see that there are many victims of this hazardous chemical in vietnam» sakata told tuoi tre newspaper. «many children are suffering from diseases and physical defects. although they are fighting a hard fight against poverty and sickness, i have found in them a lesson of family bonds, empathy toward the community, sacrifice and patience.» «these are what have pulled me out of my personal grief, their pain is my pain as well,» she said.

the 70-minute film shows how the toxic chemical erodes the human body from generation to generation and how vietnamese have struggled, both in desperation and with affection, to support the victims.
siglo // 2007 // 71min.
produced, directed, camera and editing by: sakata masako
Contributing producer: Bill Megalos, Yamagami Tetsujiro
music composed by: namba tadashi
additional editing by: john junkerman
additional cinematography: philip jones griffiths

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