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2011.2.28––––zou-no-hana terrace // rendez-vous project exhibition 25.2.-27.3.2011
the rendez-vous project is about collaboration between designers/artist and local industries. so+ba’s partner is “waku-waku” sheltered workshop for deaf-blind people. in our project we wanted to integrate the waku-waku people into the creative process, not only into the production proscess. we asked them to write messages they would like to share with the seeing people. this messages, mixed with quotes from helene keller (1880-1968) a deaf-blind american activist, where printed on envelopes using the color black and sky-blue.
the second envelope introduces the font-system “braille” created by louise braille 1854.
both of the envelope-projects are made out of recycled braille news paper.
zou-no-hana terrace
rendez-vous project yokohama

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