2006 -


black and white illustrations for soDa#29 magazine
a series of black and white illustrations on the theme of the atomic bomb in connection to bern porter and freedom of the press

«a house of creative thought, not a school or a forum, wherein the many who came there, exchanged notes on design, poems, art forms, and life.» – bern porter

bernard harden «bern» porter (february 14, 1911 – june 7, 2004) was an american artist, writer, publisher, performer, and scientist.
as a scientist prior to world war ll, porter contributed to the development of the cathode ray tube. during world war ll, porter worked on the manhattan project. he worked in oak ridge, tennessee on the part of the project devoted to the separation of the highly enriched uranium needed to construct atomic bombs. after bombs were dropped on hiroshima and nagasaki, porter regretted his involvement with the project and became an outspoken pacifist.

isbn 978-3-907868-29-3

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