2008 -

UNWORLDDAY 24.10.08—————BOOK

book // 192 pages // printed in fukurotoji (classical japanese print technique) // english language the introduction essay is written by bernhard schmid

the book was introduced at the «kansei japanese-design exhibition» held in paris in the «musee des artes décoratifs» in paris, december 12th – 21th december 2008.
later on it was showcased in the kansei exhibition in new york, milan, shanghai and other cities.
this book was made as a showcase to represent the japanese printing association in japan and abroad.

the book was created for the «kansei»-project on the theme of «間» (ma). the term «ma» stands for the intermediate- it is a very vague, imprecise term that describes a nonexistent situation.
in our everyday lives, we are moving between two worlds: the real and the digital. our book, enters the second of these worlds, the «inter»-net, the world-between. we collected fragmentary data form the internet on the «world» and copied them into our book, trying to get a little insight on how the physical world is reflected in the internet.
24.10.08 is the «un-world day», a methodological experiment in data collection, authorship, cataloging, and editorial design that reflects virtual and actual experiences in a laminal way.

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