2009 -


preparation for the opening event

zou-no-hana: the birthplace of the port of yokohama
zou-no-hana park was the site of the landing point of commodore perry on his second visit to japan from the unites states on march 31st, 1854. yokohama was subsequently selected as one of five main ports in the treaty of amity and commerce between japan and the united states in 1859. this area became the first full-scale port of yokohama, providing the region with an area of active international trade. ‘zou-no-hana’ was named after the dykes in the area that resembled the shape of an elephants nose (‘zou no hana’ means elephant nose in japanese). ‘zou-no-hana’ has been gradually transformed over the years.
yokohama is celebrating the 150th anniversary of the opening of the port in 2009. zou-no-hana terrace opening-exhibition traces the historical development of yokohama and connected the events to the world-history.

the international part of the exhibition is curated by: sprial/wacol art center + so+ba
the exhibition is designed by: so+ba
organized by: zou-no-hana terrace
supported by: yokohama archives of history, museums of yokohama urban history, yokohama arts foundation, city of yokohama municipal archive reference room
planned and produced by: spiral / wacoal art center
editorial supervision by: takeyoshi hori (yokohama city historical preservation committee)
takio saito (former head of yokohama archives of history, museum of yokohama urban history)
nobuharu suzuki (assistant professor, yokohama city university)
floor set-up: yukiharu takematsu + e.p.a
graphic design: so+ba desing, alex sonderegger, susanna baer, yoko maejima and martha richter
animation: fumiyuki yanaka, masao
opening exhibition 2009.06.02-08.19

zou-no-hana terrace

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