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book—————concept and design
the «spinnerei III» in windisch was a spinning factory build in 1870. it was part of the industrial revolution in switzerland.
once there was a faceless mass of women, men and children working here, today the building went through a renovation process, and now 50 families live there. the swiss writer christian haller writes in his essay for this book of a historical reversal.

the «spinnerei III» consists today of 50 different lofts. each one was individually developed. just as different as the lofts are the people who live there. various generations, with and without children, pianists, photographers, doctors, architects, insurance specialists and so on. some grew up in russia, georgia, south america or zurich, and some are from windisch.
«max et les autres» is about inhabitants of the «spinnerei III».

the book was created by the inhabitants of the «spinnerei III»
portrait photography: daniel gendre and andreas seibert
text: patrik hellmüller and fränzi äschlimann
concept and design: so+ba
prepress production: jonas curti
project management: max kuhn und raphael bösch

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