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exhibition communication // invitation // posters // publication

freitag ad_absurdum
28.10.2015 – 28.02.2016
an exhibition to show an attitude
carte blanche to the freitag brothers, feat. frank & patrik riklin
mudac – musée de design et d’arts appliqués contemporains in lausanne

initial situation
the exhibition «freitag ad absurdum» of the freitag and riklin brothers is dedicated to the topics of re-cycling and up-cycling, as well as closed production cycles.
the starting point for this larger journey was a road trip the four brothers took through switzerland, where they discussed, mediated, and questioned their attitudes with people they randomly encountered.
in advance, old, beloved, worn-out freitag bags were collected, disassembled, reassembled and welded together to form a new tarpaulin which was strapped onto a truck.
after the road-trip, the «new» tarpaulin was re-recycled into new products, which were shown in the exhibition and were also o ered on loan to the exhibition-goers.

the development of the communication concept ran parallel to the planning of the exhibition, always in lively exchange with the freitag and riklin brothers.
the concept included the following elements: invitation card, poster campaign and a publication.
the stencil idea that we developed for the invitation card and the poster was also used for the exhibition descriptions. the publication was planned for the end of the exhibition and developed during the exhibition period. the rationale for this was so that the actions of the exhibition visitors could be documented and added into the publication.
in our communication concept, the main focus of the exhibition, re-cycling and up-cycling, participation and closed production circuits are consistently integrated into the di erent communication tools, not only through the choice of materials, but also through the implementation of the entire program.

freitag ad_absurdum // invitation
freitag ad_absurdum // poster
freitag ad_absurdum // publication

freitag ad_absurdum // mudac

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