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book and box design for onesal’s award-winning short film visualASMR visual ASMR (visual autonomous sensory meridian response) is the subjective experience of euphoria characterized by a combination of positive feelings and a distinct static-like tingling sensation on the skin. the use of different materials for the book, matt, glossy and natural paper, rough cardboard for […]

24.10.2022——–––––so+ba is featured in asia-pacific design no. 18asia-pacific design, published by sandu publishing in shanghai, is the first professional design yearbook in the asia-pacific region. since its establishment in 2005, it has continuously recorded the voices of different designers, design styles and design fields, leaving an important chronicle in the field of graphic design. +

10.2022——–––––catalog / books // bücher // 2veronika schäpers catalog will be avalliable soon this is the last part to be finished / designed by so+ba+

26.-28. November 2021——–––––«bibliopark ex» at ex-zentralbibliothek (düsseldorf)the performance fo miu will take place in the old building of the zentralbibliothek in düsseldorf, germany

2020.09.19 ————— FERMATA EX —————book design for a performance by miuFERMATA EX is a continuation of FERMATAAll stories are told from multiple memories. There was a theater in that story, and the theater was called „Fermata“. A number of testimonials tell us their memories about the theater, the legendary underground venue for spectacular performances. One […]


book design for miu the project series «ex» by japanese artist miu is a platform that aims to convert a space to an experimental play between sound installation and speech performance.«fermata ex» is an alternative version of miu’s play «fermata» about a forgotten underground theatre that once existed in the city.fermataExthe book was part of […]


the exhibition, from the japanese artists nana hirose and kazumi nagatani, «why don’t cats wear shoes?» was shown three times in different locations, cuxhaven, göttingen and at the echigo-tsumari art triennale. the three locations are combined in the by-lingual (japanese and english) catalog .  thousands of shimmering silver letters cover the floor on the installation […]


THE RADICALS is a collection of narratives pertaining to the ontology of a nation––a poetic shrine to a people, a culture, and a social milieu––built on the roots of a country’s written language. From the founding components of kanji (ideograms), the bushu (radicals) document the historic landscape of Japan––its literary figures, its heroic warriors, and […]


book—————concept and designthe «spinnerei III» in windisch was a spinning factory build in 1870. it was part of the industrial revolution in switzerland.once there was a faceless mass of women, men and children working here, today the building went through a renovation process, and now 50 families live there. the swiss writer christian haller writes […]


exhibition book // book exhibition the publication bundles the essence of the exhibition, in order to exhibit and develop the ‘attitude’ again in the private spaces. the publication can be taken apart and trans- formed into a pop-up exhibition, with everything you need: an exhibition poster, the date and location can be added by hand, […]


swiss focus branding // exhibition space design // implementation so+ba has co-organized and designed the swiss appearance at the «tokyo art book fair 2015». the project included two exhibitions, several presentations and talks including swiss publishers presenting at the pecha kucha night, and a party-event. one of the two exhibitions was «the most beautiful swiss […]


publication concept and design together with the organizing team of the tokyo art book fair, so+ba created the «book on swiss books» newspaper, in english and japanese. the publication introduces the swiss book market, swiss book designers and publishers. the publication was sold at the fair and in selected bookshops. «book on swiss books» includes […]


book design and production in peach, the young Swiss artist susanne hefti turns her acute and sensitive gaze on her changing surroundings. through structure and composition, light and color, the photographer generates extraordinary moments that spirit the viewer away to an astounding world of her own and help us to see everyday things with new eyes. […]


book design–––production communicating: a guide to pr in japanfor foreign companies entering a new market it is very important to understand the customs and social norms in order to be successful. especially true in japan, this has led to one of the oldest agencies, dentsu public relations, to publish a guide to pr in Japan […]

物語をつむぐバッグ—————BOOK, FREITAG

フライターグ/物語をつむぐバッグ is the japanese version of the book // freitag – out of the bag interviews with the brothers daniel and markus freitag and their coworkers and collaborators in the fields of product design, manufacturing, distributing, and marketing offer a look behind the scenes at the company, which manages as a brand to embody — […]


exhibition catalog design and production catalog on the retrospective exhibition of the book artist veronika schäpers at the klingspor-museum in offenbach, germany, from july 31 to september 14, 2014veronika schäpers work is conceptual, sensual and unique. she experiments with different materials and techniques. all her books share the perfect craftsmanship of refined materials. in this […]


AAA / Anshin Anzen Anarchie collection.creative direction // invitation // catalog // shooting direction // edwina hörl expresses a political attitude towards taking responsibility for the environment by using political self-awareness and public spirit. AAA / Anshin Anzen Anarchie informed on political and social issues – especially in Japan after 3.11; question spoon-fed news […]

2012.05.01––––enjoy zou-no-hana document bookthe zou-no-hana document book is printed the last three years of zou-no-hana terrace is documented in texts and picutres.ou-no-hana terrace +


book // 176 pages // hardcover // bilingual french/englishfrom architect and designer le corbusier to the font helvetica, switzerland has produced some of the most influential product and graphic design of the twentieth century. this sleek volume collects the best examples spanning from the early twentieth century (tiny slippers with pom-poms attached, made for little […]


poster // flyer // tickets // catalog 240 pages // japanese languagejapan is currently playing host to the «small+beautiful, design from switzerland» traveling exhibition, which highlights the inventiveness and diversity of swiss design over the past 150 years.the small+beautiful exhibition, created by the swiss arts council, pro helvetia, contains over 400 different objects – design […]