2010 -


urban reader «the synergetic issue» 6 illustrations
synergy is the combination of two or more things that creates an effect which is greater than the sum of both separately. the task was to create 6 different illustrations to given themes.
we connected all the themes to create new synergies, forging a forceful work fraught with symbolic power. we gave the the overall theme of film to our illustration series.

the 6 tasks:
task 1: little bastard / visualize the fatal car crash of james dean on september 30th,1955. so+ba: «the porsche stopped in the roadside ditch. the mechanic had ben thrown from the car, but survived with a broken jaw and other injuries.» // task 2: heroine / make a portrait of your personal female hero. // task 3: brain twister / these are the words per person: so+ba = kill // task 4: carte blanche / use only black on white or white on black. or just use black and white. // task 5: my hawaii / shoot a picture with your mobile phone to the theme hawaii. // task 6: in the name of… / make an image with the clothes we will be sending you.

isbn 978-3-033-02387-1

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