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26.-28. November 2021——–––––«bibliopark ex» at ex-zentralbibliothek (düsseldorf)the performance fo miu will take place in the old building of the zentralbibliothek in düsseldorf, germany


creating, collecting and connecting dots in tsurumiMAKE THE CITY TALK dots (circles) represent the notions of unity, integration, wholeness, they give us a sense of completion, confidence, and harmony. they have no beginning and no end. connecting dots in tsurumi is a city branding project with the local community of the port city of tsurumi, […]


the japan based dance school expg opens a new branch school at mitsui shopping park LaLaport shanghai jinqiao, china. exile akira serves as honorary principal / chief art directorarchitect yukiharu takematsu from epa designed the space of the dance school and so+ba created the typographic wall graffiti. (do to travel restrictions to china, a chinese […]


branding, logo, posters, flyers, and webdesign the futurescape project is an initiative by zou-no-hana terrace in yokohama to promote the use of public space.since first opening in 2009, zou-no-hana terrace has held a wide range of projects harnessing artistic creativity in public space. the futurescape project aims both to consolidate the results of those ongoing […]

4.–10. 9. 2021——–––––FREITAG AD_ABSURDUMoriginally shown in 2015 at the MUDAC – museum of design and applied contemporary arts – in Lausanne, this re-re-recycled exhibition will be shown at the design week milano / salone del mobile from 4-10.9. at Artifact+


«humanitarian principles. here and now» is a contemporary art exhibition produced by the musée de l’elysée in lausanne and the swiss federal department of foreign affairs, in conversation with the international committee of the red cross (icrc) for the 70th anniversary of the geneva conventions.the four humanitarian principles –humanity, impartiality, neutrality and independence – have […]

2020.12.—————gabriella disler // ARE YOU YOU, 2020 intervention in situ; 415x595cm, paint, hand edited text by gabriella disler, basel THE GREAT UNVEILING REGIONALE 21, kunsthalle palazzo, liestal curated by michael babics, basel graphic support: so+ba  // photography: fabio luks+

2020.09.19 ————— FERMATA EX —————book design for a performance by miuFERMATA EX is a continuation of FERMATAAll stories are told from multiple memories. There was a theater in that story, and the theater was called „Fermata“. A number of testimonials tell us their memories about the theater, the legendary underground venue for spectacular performances. One […]


book design for miu the project series «ex» by japanese artist miu is a platform that aims to convert a space to an experimental play between sound installation and speech performance.«fermata ex» is an alternative version of miu’s play «fermata» about a forgotten underground theatre that once existed in the city.fermataExthe book was part of […]


the exhibition, from the japanese artists nana hirose and kazumi nagatani, «why don’t cats wear shoes?» was shown three times in different locations, cuxhaven, göttingen and at the echigo-tsumari art triennale. the three locations are combined in the by-lingual (japanese and english) catalog .  thousands of shimmering silver letters cover the floor on the installation […]

2019.03—————typographic support for gabriella disler’s project “HOW LONG IS… “gabriella disler, intervention auf zeit // mörsbergerstrasse 54, Baselphoto: gert handschin, basel +


THE RADICALS is a collection of narratives pertaining to the ontology of a nation––a poetic shrine to a people, a culture, and a social milieu––built on the roots of a country’s written language. From the founding components of kanji (ideograms), the bushu (radicals) document the historic landscape of Japan––its literary figures, its heroic warriors, and […]


A PORT JOURNEY PROJECTDURATION: 2019/1/22 TUE–2/3 SUN awarness exhibition created by so+ba in collaboration with 8 port journey members who provided plastic trash from their houshold from one week. –––––– In 2016, the world generated 242million tonnes of plastic waste, 12% of all municipal solid waste. –––––– Some 90 percent of floating marine debris is […]


branding // promotional concept // implementationthis project was realized in cooperation with the swiss embassy in tokyo regarded as an anti-establishment and antiwar movement emerging out of the horrors of world war I, dada spread across the world from the swiss city of zurich and had a decisive influence on the development of contemporary art. […]


branding // posters // invitation card // catalog // goodsはじまり、美の饗宴展the best selection of the ohara museum of art part of the huge collection of magosaburo ohara was shown in tokyo at the national art center tokyo in nogizaka for the first time. it is the oldest collection of western art in japan. to create a […]


exhibition communication // invitation // posters // publication freitag ad_absurdum28.10.2015 – 28.02.2016an exhibition to show an attitudecarte blanche to the freitag brothers, feat. frank & patrik riklinmudac – musée de design et d’arts appliqués contemporains in lausanne initial situationthe exhibition «freitag ad absurdum» of the freitag and riklin brothers is dedicated to the topics of […]


exhibition book // book exhibition the publication bundles the essence of the exhibition, in order to exhibit and develop the ‘attitude’ again in the private spaces. the publication can be taken apart and trans- formed into a pop-up exhibition, with everything you need: an exhibition poster, the date and location can be added by hand, […]


book design and production in peach, the young Swiss artist susanne hefti turns her acute and sensitive gaze on her changing surroundings. through structure and composition, light and color, the photographer generates extraordinary moments that spirit the viewer away to an astounding world of her own and help us to see everyday things with new eyes. […]


shifting places  //  fasten your seat belt!  //  take off tokyo zurich  //  nebelmeer campari soda  //  drift shift lift gift swift rift  //  eleven h in thin air  //  landed home but far away so+ba’s contribution to the “control shift plus” exhibition held january 2015 at the bärengasse in zurich


exhibition catalog design and production catalog on the retrospective exhibition of the book artist veronika schäpers at the klingspor-museum in offenbach, germany, from july 31 to september 14, 2014veronika schäpers work is conceptual, sensual and unique. she experiments with different materials and techniques. all her books share the perfect craftsmanship of refined materials. in this […]


communication design // posters // booklet // cards // etc tedxtokyo 2014 took place on saturday may 31st 2014, with a theme of ‘connecting the unconnected’; exploring our social ecosystem across japan and beyond. over 25 speakers and performers gathered to share powerful ideas, groundbreaking inventions, and highly original artforms.the concept of the communication tools […]

2013.06.21. – 23.––––fax me––––exhibition21 fri 金 19:00 – 23:59 opening party 22 sat 土 11:00 – 18:00 (13:00 – 16:00 m. koji workshop)23 sun 日 11:00 – 23:59 closing bar (dj do it yourself) «ファックス me» is a project by so+ba that started with a request by the australian design magazine «desktop». the task was […]

2013.05.01––––all night long––––hells bells tribute to rock ‘n’ rollso+ba’s ac/dc t-shirt, designed for uniqlo, japan now in stores +

2012.04.14––––exhibition + filmscreening, 15:00 –23:59 at so+ba galleryratrak // exhibition + book vernissage // gabriel mauron + pascal greco ratrak +super 8, film 30min, 17:00 / 21:00, pascal greco, kid chocolat Super 8 is a poetic & psychedelic film by pascal greco with a soundtrack by kid chocolat. super8 +

2012.04.14––––exhibition + filmscreening––––15:00 – 23:59so+ba, 5-29-20 kyodo, setagaya-ku, tokyoratrak, exhibition + book vernissage, gabriel mauron + pascal greco ratrak+super 8, film 30min, 17:00 / 21:00, pascal grecokid chocolat Super 8 is a poetic & psychedelic film by pascal greco with a soundtrack by kid chocolat. super8 +


posters, programs, catalog, flyers, ads, coasters, t-shirts, catering bons etc. P. –––>Programm (program)K. –––>Katalog (catalog)K.u.G. –––>Kurz und Gut (short and well done)…… what is shorter than short? an abbreviation!the campaign for the «internationalen kurzfilmtage winterthur» (short film festival in winterthur) was created in 2011, it is short and concise. each year, the color is changing […]

2011.07.09.––––look with your hands––––new envelops for the yokohama rendez-vous shop

2011.05.31–06.6––––namida exhibition––––geneve, switzerlandopening-party may 31 from 18:00 at ruin gallery 15 rue des eaux-vollandes, genevethe force of nature has taken thousands of lives. our hearts and our thoughts go to all those who have lost loved ones and those who continue to suffer the difficulty of this crises. 100% of the sales of our work […]


exhibition // invitation // t-shirts // pinphotographs by pascal greco + tableaux by so+ba the power of nature has taken many dear lives. our hearts go out to all those who have lost loved ones and to those who continue to suffer hardship.the profit of this exhibition is given to the red cross japan to […]


«hungry eyes / thirsty ears / fresh frozen smile» is the title for so+ba’s contribution to the «graphic passport 2010 exhibition» held in tokyo from september 23 to 29, 2010. so+ba created 6 panels for the exhibition. collages of different projects which so+ba has developed during the past four years. eacht panel has a theme, […]


book // 176 pages // hardcover // bilingual french/englishfrom architect and designer le corbusier to the font helvetica, switzerland has produced some of the most influential product and graphic design of the twentieth century. this sleek volume collects the best examples spanning from the early twentieth century (tiny slippers with pom-poms attached, made for little […]