2012 -


ore no tokyo // isntallation // graphic passport 2012

words, slogans, quotes on a grid inspired by japanese election boards. in our daily life we are constantly and involuntary flooded with so called news, advertising slogans, promises, etc.
it’s a loud world. if you are tired, angry, or just in the mood, this installation is your chance to shout/shoot back. ore no tokyo. the city, the country, the world belongs to us. raise your voice.
壁に並べたスローガン、ことわざ、格言などは、日本の選挙ポスターに着想を得て製作した。ニュース、宣伝、約束などと呼ばれる言葉たちは、日々の生活の中に無意識に、絶え間無く溢れている。世界は騒々しい。あなたがもしうんざりしたり、怒りを感じたりしているのなら、このインスタ レーションは声をあげ、意思を表すチャンスだ。ore no tokyo 街も、国も、世界は私たちのものだ。声をあげろ。

warning 警告
call for action. you can leave your mark by throwing a pink colored ball at the wall. there is a chance that the ball might bounce back and hit you and stain your clothes . if you still want to throw the ball, you do so entirely at your own risk and accept sole responsibility and liability for doing so and for any consequences that may result.

  1. put on latex gloves.
  2. put on the rain jacket and trousers and rubber boots.
  3. throw the rubber ball, not to hard, at a slight angle and not straight at the wall as it may bounce back and hit you.
  4. dispose of the gloves in to the paper bag attached to the wall.
  5. take a picture with one of the disposable cameras.


  1. 手袋をする
  2. レインコートを着る
  3. ボールをなげる(正面に投げるとボールが大きく跳ね返ってきますので、斜めに向って投げることをお勧めします。)
  4. 手袋をゴミ袋へ
  5. 写真をとる

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