2018 -


publication in form of a newspaper, ss collection 2018

activity, a conceptual structure
the noise of the letters
h / a/ p /p /i/ n /e /s /s
it is a no thing, a mental appearance like unhappiness

an obstacle
a thought constructed nonsense

a product of discrimination due to the circular flow of the mind when moving from one object of desire to the other distinctions between real and unreal arise between self and others, existence and non-existence, samsara and nirvana cause and effect, sameness and difference, whole and parts, one and many,

good and bad, acceptation and rejection we suffer holding the impermanent to be permanent, the painful to be pleasant, the impure to be pure, ignorance to be wisdom an artificial definition of happiness and unhappiness form a duality that needs to be transcended; happiness and unhappiness cannot be split, as all duality is falsely imagined

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