2020 -


the exhibition, from the japanese artists nana hirose and kazumi nagatani, «why don’t cats wear shoes?» was shown three times in different locations, cuxhaven, göttingen and at the echigo-tsumari art triennale. the three locations are combined in the by-lingual (japanese and english) catalog . 

thousands of shimmering silver letters cover the floor on the installation «why do not cats wear shoes?» They reflect the light in the room and ask questions from children: «Why do not cats wear shoes?», «What does the wind do when it’s not blowing?», «why is there war?», «Can we be sure that the whole world is not just a dream ?» Children have many questions, because for them much of the world is new, exciting and whimsical. but we adults do not always have the right answers. so we too are encouraged to look at things around us again and to see the world from different perspectives…

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