2015 -


event planning and execution

five candles and some fish at the f-store in ginza
in the nights before the five-year anniversary of our f-store in ginza, why were fishermen sighted nearby with their rods in manhole covers?

have tuna infiltrated the sewer system in the japanese capital? or is urban fishing the new urban farming? having created a social media buzz, the secret behind the urban farming video was revealed at the birthday bash. at the event, tokyolites fished some f-akers through the manholes at the ginza store – and hunted bigger rewards on land, like the cooper bag inspired by the neighborhood’s renowned fish market.the event was marked by the tsukiji fish market which is located between ginza and sumida river. famous for tuna auctions, huge ice blocks and delivery by bike, the market will sadly soon be a thing of the past. which is why we’ve frozen some fish and freitag brothers artifacts.

freitag ginza store five years anniversary

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