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4.–10. 9. 2021——–––––FREITAG AD_ABSURDUMoriginally shown in 2015 at the MUDAC – museum of design and applied contemporary arts – in Lausanne, this re-re-recycled exhibition will be shown at the design week milano / salone del mobile from 4-10.9. at Artifact+

2017.11.03.—————design preis schweiz // prize giving ceremony so+ba is nominated for the design preis schweiz 2017 for the communication work for the «freitag ad_absurdum» exhibition at the mudac in lausanne, switzerland +

2016.10.7—————freitag store ginza 5th anniversary freitag is celebrating their store anniversary starting at 5pm.freitag store party+


exhibition communication // invitation // posters // publication freitag ad_absurdum28.10.2015 – 28.02.2016an exhibition to show an attitudecarte blanche to the freitag brothers, feat. frank & patrik riklinmudac – musée de design et d’arts appliqués contemporains in lausanne initial situationthe exhibition «freitag ad absurdum» of the freitag and riklin brothers is dedicated to the topics of […]


exhibition book // book exhibition the publication bundles the essence of the exhibition, in order to exhibit and develop the ‘attitude’ again in the private spaces. the publication can be taken apart and trans- formed into a pop-up exhibition, with everything you need: an exhibition poster, the date and location can be added by hand, […]


social media announcement for the 5th anniversary of the ginza freitag store five candles and some fish at the f-store in ginzain the nights before the five-year anniversary of the f-store in ginza……. fishermen were sighted nearby with their rods in manhole covers?have tuna infiltrated the sewer system in the japanese capital? or is urban […]

物語をつむぐバッグ—————BOOK, FREITAG

フライターグ/物語をつむぐバッグ is the japanese version of the book // freitag – out of the bag interviews with the brothers daniel and markus freitag and their coworkers and collaborators in the fields of product design, manufacturing, distributing, and marketing offer a look behind the scenes at the company, which manages as a brand to embody — […]

2013.09.05––––freitag store shibuya, opening partyfreitag opens a new flagshipstore in shibuya.freitagstore shibuya +