2015 -


exhibition book // book exhibition

the publication bundles the essence of the exhibition, in order to exhibit and develop the ‘attitude’ again in the private spaces. the publication can be taken apart and trans- formed into a pop-up exhibition, with everything you need: an exhibition poster, the date and location can be added by hand, image material and even a template for local pr work. after the exhibition, the publication can be put back into its old book form, and if a stamp is added, it can be sent to a friend. so everything can start again from the beginning… ad absurdum.
the rst pop-up exhibition of the publication was implemented by the four brothers immediately. it took place in lausanne right after after the closing party of the «freitag ad absurdum» exhibition at mudac, in the cellar of madame zeller. the finissage be- came a vernissage. further exhibitions followed in private laundry rooms in basel, bern, lucerne, and st. gallen.

book exhibition // the book is ready: scroll though it, take it apart, exhibit it, develop it, re-assemble and send it along.
publisher: mudac
concept: friklin & so+ba
authors: daniel & markus freitag, frank & patrik riklin
co-authers: chantal prod’hom, susanne hilpert stuber, pascal dulex, lena fisler
design: so+ba, susanna baer + alex sonderegger
photography: ©peter hauser, ©friklin

freitag ad_absurdum // freitag
exhibition + book pictures ©peter hauser


basel, switzerland

bern, switzerland

luzern, switzerland

st. gallen, switzerland

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