2016 -


branding // promotional concept // implementation
this project was realized in cooperation with the swiss embassy in tokyo

regarded as an anti-establishment and antiwar movement emerging out of the horrors of world war I, dada spread across the world from the swiss city of zurich and had a decisive influence on the development of contemporary art.

the centenary of the global artistic and literary movement was celebrated at different cultural institutions and art spaces in tokyo. numerous exhibitions and performances where held to inspire artists and the japanese public, under the patronage of the embassies of france, germany and switzerland.
march 1st the swiss embassy invited experts, museum directors and curators, artists and media representative for a reception to the residence of the ambassador of switzerland to announce the 100 anniversary of dada und introduce the festival. the follow up press conference was held in april at the resicence. urutora dada was the surpise guest.

in the beginning of the year, the swiss embassy held a dada inspired press-conference at the ambassadors residents to announce the starting point of the dada year and to motivate various institutions and art spaces to create dada events in their spaces.

100 years dada // embassy of switzerland in tokyo

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