2013 -

FAX ME—————

2013.06.21. – 23.––––fax me––––exhibition
21 fri 金 19:00 – 23:59 opening party
22 sat 土 11:00 – 18:00 (13:00 – 16:00 m. koji workshop)
23 sun 日 11:00 – 23:59 closing bar (dj do it yourself)
«ファックス me» is a project by so+ba that started with a request by the australian design magazine «desktop». the task was to illustrate our personal view of australia from japan. we both have not been to australia. we faxed each other bits and pieces of visuals, a mix of personal connections, common knowledge and stereotypes. over the period of a month we exchanged more than 50 faxes, scanned them, and treated them like single colour printing films, blue, red and black. we layered and combined them by chance and came up with a selection of 16 collages that fit our imaginary australia.

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