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creating, collecting and connecting dots in tsurumimake the city talk dots (circles) represent the notions of unity, integration, wholeness, they give us a sense of completion, confidence, and harmony. they have no beginning and no end. connecting dots in tsurumi is a city branding project with the local community of the port city of tsurumi, […]


eat creative and so+ba (art direction and design) worked with the german embassy in tokyo supported by the konrad adenauer stiftung japan, a german think-tank and diplomatic forum, to take people through a long and storied history. through the interactive physical and online exhibit, the visitors are taken through three stages of the two nations’ […]


A PORT JOURNEY PROJECTDURATION: 2019/1/22 TUE–2/3 SUN awarness exhibition created by so+ba in collaboration with 8 port journey members who provided plastic trash from their houshold from one week. –––––– In 2016, the world generated 242million tonnes of plastic waste, 12% of all municipal solid waste. –––––– Some 90 percent of floating marine debris is […]


the «kunst: szene zürich 2018» – was held from november 23rd to december 2nd, 2018 in zurich. the modular-structured event with exhibitions and performances took place in 26 different spaces with around 250 participating artists and collectives, in the city of zurich.the «kunst: szene zürich 2018» in this modular form was new and had an […]


branding // posters // invitation card // catalog // goodsはじまり、美の饗宴展the best selection of the ohara museum of art part of the huge collection of magosaburo ohara was shown in tokyo at the national art center tokyo in nogizaka for the first time. it is the oldest collection of western art in japan. to create a […]


exhibition communication // invitation // posters // publication freitag ad_absurdum28.10.2015 – 28.02.2016an exhibition to show an attitudecarte blanche to the freitag brothers, feat. frank & patrik riklinmudac – musée de design et d’arts appliqués contemporains in lausanne initial situationthe exhibition «freitag ad absurdum» of the freitag and riklin brothers is dedicated to the topics of […]


exhibition book // book exhibition the publication bundles the essence of the exhibition, in order to exhibit and develop the ‘attitude’ again in the private spaces. the publication can be taken apart and trans- formed into a pop-up exhibition, with everything you need: an exhibition poster, the date and location can be added by hand, […]


swiss focus branding // exhibition space design // implementation so+ba has co-organized and designed the swiss appearance at the «tokyo art book fair 2015». the project included two exhibitions, several presentations and talks including swiss publishers presenting at the pecha kucha night, and a party-event. one of the two exhibitions was «the most beautiful swiss […]

2015.09.04––––Soirée graphique Nr°8––––exhibition at KOMET, uferweg 15, 3013 bern, switzerlandthe soirée graphique, organised by komet, has been held annually since 2008. the exhibition is a platform for creative artists in the fields of graphic design, photography and the visual arts. it promotes visual design, stimulates new works and reflects trends in contemporary graphic was […]


this collection is deditcated to edwina hörls team and all the workers in the fashion indrustry Wer schafft das Gold zu Tage?Wer hämmert Erz und Stein?Wer webet Tuch und Seide?Wer bauet Korn und Wein?Wer gibt den Reichen all ihr Brotund lebt dabei in bitt´rer Not?Das sind die Arbeitsmännerdas ProletariatDas sind die Arbeitsmännerdas Proletariat Wer plagt […]

2015.1.23.–2.10––––control / shift / plus gasthaus zum bären/museum bärengasse in zurichpost-graduate programm in curating, zhdk+


shifting places  //  fasten your seat belt!  //  take off tokyo zurich  //  nebelmeer campari soda  //  drift shift lift gift swift rift  //  eleven h in thin air  //  landed home but far away so+ba’s contribution to the “control shift plus” exhibition held january 2015 at the bärengasse in zurich

2014.03.05 18:00––––exhibition talk, japanese poster artists – cherry blossom and asceticism, at the museum fuer gestaltung zurichexperiences, inspirations, surprises – 16 years living and working in tokyo susanna baer, art director and founding member of so+ba tokyo, in conversation with bettina richter, curator poster collectionmuseum für gestaltung zurich+

2013.12.13 – 2014.01.12––––creative cities––––exhibition so+ba is part of the “creative cities” project representing tokyo at kaohsiung design festival in taiwan.creative cities+

2013.06.21. – 23.––––fax me––––exhibition21 fri 金 19:00 – 23:59 opening party 22 sat 土 11:00 – 18:00 (13:00 – 16:00 m. koji workshop)23 sun 日 11:00 – 23:59 closing bar (dj do it yourself) «ファックス me» is a project by so+ba that started with a request by the australian design magazine «desktop». the task was […]

FAX ME—————

2013.06.21. – 23.––––fax me––––exhibition21 fri 金 19:00 – 23:59 opening party22 sat 土 11:00 – 18:00 (13:00 – 16:00 m. koji workshop)23 sun 日 11:00 – 23:59 closing bar (dj do it yourself)«ファックス me» is a project by so+ba that started with a request by the australian design magazine «desktop». the task was to illustrate […]

2012.04.21–22+04.28-30 ––––aaa––––anzen/anshin/anarchyedwina hörl, autumn winter exhibition, 12:00–20:00party // 04.29 with a flute concert by miya, starting 20:30drinks++food++musicmiya, flute +

2012.04.14––––exhibition + filmscreening, 15:00 –23:59 at so+ba galleryratrak // exhibition + book vernissage // gabriel mauron + pascal greco ratrak +super 8, film 30min, 17:00 / 21:00, pascal greco, kid chocolat Super 8 is a poetic & psychedelic film by pascal greco with a soundtrack by kid chocolat. super8 +

2012.04.14––––exhibition + filmscreening––––15:00 – 23:59so+ba, 5-29-20 kyodo, setagaya-ku, tokyoratrak, exhibition + book vernissage, gabriel mauron + pascal greco ratrak+super 8, film 30min, 17:00 / 21:00, pascal grecokid chocolat Super 8 is a poetic & psychedelic film by pascal greco with a soundtrack by kid chocolat. super8 +

2011.05.31–06.6––––namida exhibition––––geneve, switzerlandopening-party may 31 from 18:00 at ruin gallery 15 rue des eaux-vollandes, genevethe force of nature has taken thousands of lives. our hearts and our thoughts go to all those who have lost loved ones and those who continue to suffer the difficulty of this crises. 100% of the sales of our work […]

2011.2.28––––zou-no-hana terrace // rendez-vous project exhibition 25.2.-27.3.2011 the rendez-vous project is about collaboration between designers/artist and local industries. so+ba’s partner is “waku-waku” sheltered workshop for deaf-blind people. in our project we wanted to integrate the waku-waku people into the creative process, not only into the production proscess. we asked them to write messages they would […]


«hungry eyes / thirsty ears / fresh frozen smile» is the title for so+ba’s contribution to the «graphic passport 2010 exhibition» held in tokyo from september 23 to 29, 2010. so+ba created 6 panels for the exhibition. collages of different projects which so+ba has developed during the past four years. eacht panel has a theme, […]

2009.02.05 – 27––––helvetica forever at ggg / ginza graphic galleryeven today, a half-century after its inception, helvetica continues to maintain its popularity as the best-known european typeface. this exhibition focuses on how this attractive font, which has swept the global market, is used in an astounding diversity of contexts, from familiar shop signs to the […]


posters // flyers // postcards // banners // tickets // exhibition design parallel nippon focuses on 110 representative architectural specimens selected from among buildings constructed primarily in japan in the 10 years from 1996 to 2006, presenting them against the backdrop of japan’s socio-cultural environment. the exhibition retraces how japan’s architectural scene has answered with […]


poster // flyer // tickets // catalog 240 pages // japanese languagejapan is currently playing host to the «small+beautiful, design from switzerland» traveling exhibition, which highlights the inventiveness and diversity of swiss design over the past 150 years.the small+beautiful exhibition, created by the swiss arts council, pro helvetia, contains over 400 different objects – design […]