2005 -


poster // flyer // tickets // catalog 240 pages // japanese language
japan is currently playing host to the «small+beautiful, design from switzerland» traveling exhibition, which highlights the inventiveness and diversity of swiss design over the past 150 years.
the small+beautiful exhibition, created by the swiss arts council, pro helvetia, contains over 400 different objects – design classics and lesser-known items – displayed in six huge wooden packing crates. the exhibition is organized along seven themes, mixing history and present day, the humble and luxurious, the trivial and the high-tech.
the cut out crosses on all the promotional matters stands for: get an inside view of the swiss design-world, or look behind the swiss design scene.

concept: riichi miyake
coordinator: nahoko wada
exhibition concept and design: roland eberle, ariana pradal
exhibition design in japan: naoki hamanaka
art direction, design: so+ba
isbn 4-900424-52-8

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