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publication for edwina hörl’s collection schnapsidee if nothing has a cause, anything might be possible, but for the first time this says nothing about the quality or veracity of new considerations or viewpoints. increasingly, being aware of the consequences of individual behavior and of global developments will play a central role. prototypes for solutions, in […]


book design for miu the project series «ex» by japanese artist miu is a platform that aims to convert a space to an experimental play between sound installation and speech performance.«fermata ex» is an alternative version of miu’s play «fermata» about a forgotten underground theatre that once existed in the city.fermataExthe book was part of […]


this collection is deditcated to edwina hörls team and all the workers in the fashion indrustry Wer schafft das Gold zu Tage?Wer hämmert Erz und Stein?Wer webet Tuch und Seide?Wer bauet Korn und Wein?Wer gibt den Reichen all ihr Brotund lebt dabei in bitt´rer Not?Das sind die Arbeitsmännerdas ProletariatDas sind die Arbeitsmännerdas Proletariat Wer plagt […]


book // 176 pages // hardcover // bilingual french/englishfrom architect and designer le corbusier to the font helvetica, switzerland has produced some of the most influential product and graphic design of the twentieth century. this sleek volume collects the best examples spanning from the early twentieth century (tiny slippers with pom-poms attached, made for little […]


poster // flyer // tickets // catalog 240 pages // japanese languagejapan is currently playing host to the «small+beautiful, design from switzerland» traveling exhibition, which highlights the inventiveness and diversity of swiss design over the past 150 years.the small+beautiful exhibition, created by the swiss arts council, pro helvetia, contains over 400 different objects – design […]