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creating, collecting and connecting dots in tsurumiMAKE THE CITY TALK dots (circles) represent the notions of unity, integration, wholeness, they give us a sense of completion, confidence, and harmony. they have no beginning and no end. connecting dots in tsurumi is a city branding project with the local community of the port city of tsurumi, […]


A PORT JOURNEY PROJECTDURATION: 2019/1/22 TUE–2/3 SUN awarness exhibition created by so+ba in collaboration with 8 port journey members who provided plastic trash from their houshold from one week. –––––– In 2016, the world generated 242million tonnes of plastic waste, 12% of all municipal solid waste. –––––– Some 90 percent of floating marine debris is […]


the «kunst: szene zürich 2018» – was held from november 23rd to december 2nd, 2018 in zurich. the modular-structured event with exhibitions and performances took place in 26 different spaces with around 250 participating artists and collectives, in the city of zurich.the «kunst: szene zürich 2018» in this modular form was new and had an […]

2013.06.21. – 23.––––fax me––––exhibition21 fri 金 19:00 – 23:59 opening party 22 sat 土 11:00 – 18:00 (13:00 – 16:00 m. koji workshop)23 sun 日 11:00 – 23:59 closing bar (dj do it yourself) «ファックス me» is a project by so+ba that started with a request by the australian design magazine «desktop». the task was […]

2012.11.24 14:00–17:00––––«swiss typography 3», so+ba workshop at tokyo graphic passport so+ba’s workshop «swiss typography 3» will be a continuation of last years «swiss typography 2» workshop. it contains a lecture and practical work. the lecture will be a short introduction to swiss typography with a focus on political propaganda in switzeralnd. switzerland has a unique […]

2012.04.29––––enjoy zou-no-hana picto workshopso+ba will hold a pictorgram-workshop––––start 13:00–15:00––––participants need to register at info@zounohana.complace: zou-no-hana terrace, 1 chome kaigan-dori, naka-ku, yokohamaexhibition «enjoy zou-no-hana» 2012.4.27-5.13zou-no-hana terrace+

2012.3.31.––––voices at shibaura house tokyo«voices» is a gathering of narratives, ideas, knowledge, experiences, opinions and expressions that grow out of the 3.11 disasters in japan. in the unique open and inviting spaces of shibaura house (build by kazuyo sejima and ryue nishizawa). join workshops, participate in talk sessions, listen to stories, view exhibitions and enjoy […]

2011.10.30––––tokyo graphic passport 2011––––so+ba lecture workship + Session 06. «Swiss Typography Pt.2» Time: 2011.10.30 (Sun) 13:00–15:00 Venue: 3331 Arts Chiyoda B105tokyo graphic passport 2011 The workshop “Swiss Typography 2” will be a continuation of so+ba’s last «Swiss typography» lecture from last year. The lecture will also include practical work. so+ba will start with a very […]

2011.06.25–07.18––––atelier zou-no-hanaworkshop for children with the theme: «moving», «painting», «creating» +


“look with your hands” is a series of envelops developped for the yokohama rendez-vous project. yokohama rendez-vous project started 2009 as an experimental approach to monozukuri, bridging artists and designers with businesses and social welfare facilities.for the “look with your hands” envelope series so+ba has been working with “wakuwaku work” a social facility for blind […]