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A PORT JOURNEY PROJECTDURATION: 2019/1/22 TUE–2/3 SUN awarness exhibition created by so+ba in collaboration with 8 port journey members who provided plastic trash from their houshold from one week. –––––– In 2016, the world generated 242million tonnes of plastic waste, 12% of all municipal solid waste. –––––– Some 90 percent of floating marine debris is […]

2012.05.01––––enjoy zou-no-hana document bookthe zou-no-hana document book is printed the last three years of zou-no-hana terrace is documented in texts and picutres.ou-no-hana terrace +

2012.04.29––––enjoy zou-no-hana picto workshopso+ba will hold a pictorgram-workshop––––start 13:00–15:00––––participants need to register at info@zounohana.complace: zou-no-hana terrace, 1 chome kaigan-dori, naka-ku, yokohamaexhibition «enjoy zou-no-hana» 2012.4.27-5.13zou-no-hana terrace+


“look with your hands” is a series of envelops developped for the yokohama rendez-vous project. yokohama rendez-vous project started 2009 as an experimental approach to monozukuri, bridging artists and designers with businesses and social welfare facilities.for the “look with your hands” envelope series so+ba has been working with “wakuwaku work” a social facility for blind […]