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publication for edwina hörl’s collection schnapsidee if nothing has a cause, anything might be possible, but for the first time this says nothing about the quality or veracity of new considerations or viewpoints. increasingly, being aware of the consequences of individual behavior and of global developments will play a central role. prototypes for solutions, in […]


ss 2019 By writing the magic word “abracadabra” in a geometric triangular form (Schwindeschema3), speech is turned into a spell that conjures up the irrational. The individual letters of “abracadabra” are written in a special arrangement in which the number of letters is decreased in each line, thus forming a triangle that offers protection from […]


this collection is deditcated to edwina hörls team and all the workers in the fashion indrustry Wer schafft das Gold zu Tage?Wer hämmert Erz und Stein?Wer webet Tuch und Seide?Wer bauet Korn und Wein?Wer gibt den Reichen all ihr Brotund lebt dabei in bitt´rer Not?Das sind die Arbeitsmännerdas ProletariatDas sind die Arbeitsmännerdas Proletariat Wer plagt […]


AAA / Anshin Anzen Anarchie collection.creative direction // invitation // catalog // shooting direction // edwina hörl expresses a political attitude towards taking responsibility for the environment by using political self-awareness and public spirit. AAA / Anshin Anzen Anarchie informed on political and social issues – especially in Japan after 3.11; question spoon-fed news […]

2012.04.21–22+04.28-30 ––––aaa––––anzen/anshin/anarchyedwina hörl, autumn winter exhibition, 12:00–20:00party // 04.29 with a flute concert by miya, starting 20:30drinks++food++musicmiya, flute +


photoshoot artdirectioncanadian singer-songwriter leslie feist was performing at the fuji rock festival in japan 2007, introducing her album «reminder». during her japan stay the «title» magazine interviewed leslie feist. client: title magazine, japanissue: coffee & music/november 2007model: leslie feistphoto: seiji shibuyafashion: edwina hörlart direction/design: so+ba


the emperor’s new clotheswhen can one stop painting? in certain aslatic painting traditions the people who areconsidered to be master artists (and who can, as such perhaps stop painting) are those whoare able to reproduce a traditional sign most consummately, and with enormousconcentration. out of this reduction, and out of this struggle with traditions, they […]