2014 -


Something is going on in the dirt. We are finding a way back to mother earth, to the garden of humanity. Even in urban areas where most of us now dwell, detached from our roots, we are rediscovering the soil, as a place of nutrients, of community, of social justice, and yes, even reenchantment. Today, our food is more laboratory and factory product than fresh farm produce. Farms are more industrial zones than pastoral homesteads. Their dangerous chemical inputs and waste pollute our air, water and land. We can smell, see and taste that something is badly amiss. Yet there are sprouting seeds of change, in La Via Campesina’s growing international peasant and family farm movement, in the community gardening scenes of Tokyo, Vienna and other large cities, in Detroit’s urban agriculture experiment, and in guerilla gardening action in London and around the world. Sustainability, sovereignty, community̶ from a whisper to a song across our precious earth.⦆
Scott Ree

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