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2024——–––––katharina von zimmern 500 years anniversary // corporate idenity500 years ago, the reformation in zurich receives a decisive boost: abbess katharina von zimmern donated the fraumünster to the city. the reformation without civil war becomes is commissioned to create the communication for all events in the anniversary year 2024. +

26.10.2024——–––––book launch «storrers erbasse» by barbara basting at  never stop reading in zurichin this unconventional essay, barbara basting describes her encounter with storrer’s legacy and that of his literary and artistic family.the book is published by scheidegger & spiess in zurich+

3.2023——–––––gäu gin // label designjan gaugler, the creator of «gäu gin», comes from the gäu region of the swiss canton of solothurn.«gäu» is the current name for the part of the former county of buchsgau that came into the possession of the city of solothurn in 1463. the solothurner gäu is bordered to the north […]


book and box design for onesal’s award-winning short film visualASMR visual ASMR (visual autonomous sensory meridian response) is the subjective experience of euphoria characterized by a combination of positive feelings and a distinct static-like tingling sensation on the skin. the use of different materials for the book, matt, glossy and natural paper, rough cardboard for […]

24.10.2022——–––––so+ba is featured in asia-pacific design no. 18asia-pacific design, published by sandu publishing in shanghai, is the first professional design yearbook in the asia-pacific region. since its establishment in 2005, it has continuously recorded the voices of different designers, design styles and design fields, leaving an important chronicle in the field of graphic design. +

2022——–––––unterdorf windisch, year of anniversariesposters for various anniversaries in windisch, switzerland+

2022——–––––edwina hörl, online shopphotography and art direction so+ba edwina hörl shop+

2021——–––––solitude / veronika schäpersin »solitude,« a chapter of »walden« thoreau describes the advantages of solitary life in his cabin in the woods of massachusetts, where he lived as a hermit for two years beginning in designed the font for this project. the text is embossed into a soft filter paper using transparent printing ink. […]


the japan based dance school expg opens a new branch school at mitsui shopping park LaLaport shanghai jinqiao, china. exile akira serves as honorary principal / chief art directorarchitect yukiharu takematsu from epa designed the space of the dance school and so+ba created the typographic wall graffiti. (do to travel restrictions to china, a chinese […]

8.2021——–––––no.4 NEON form the PALETTE mini series, published by victionary, hong kong+

4.–10. 9. 2021——–––––FREITAG AD_ABSURDUMoriginally shown in 2015 at the MUDAC – museum of design and applied contemporary arts – in Lausanne, this re-re-recycled exhibition will be shown at the design week milano / salone del mobile from 4-10.9. at Artifact+


exhibition invitation for the lads gallery, osaka, june 1st – 6th, 2021 the Fukushima nuclear accident and the spread of corona infection were shocking, along with the damage caused by conflicts and disasters, and environmental issues. these issues intertwined in masako imaoka’s mind in a complementary way. In creating the photographs, she took time to […]


eat creative and so+ba (art direction and design) worked with the german embassy in tokyo supported by the konrad adenauer stiftung japan, a german think-tank and diplomatic forum, to take people through a long and storied history. through the interactive physical and online exhibit, the visitors are taken through three stages of the two nations’ […]

2021.4.1.—————teaching«international communication» at musashino art university tokyo+


the company «kikaku shitsu» is offering highly specialised planning expertise, mainly in the fields of public relations and communication, arts and culture, urban development and big scale events.The word «企» in planning is an agreed character combining the hieroglyphs of «a person looking from the side» and «a foot standing still», which means «a person […]

2020.12.—————gabriella disler // ARE YOU YOU, 2020 intervention in situ; 415x595cm, paint, hand edited text by gabriella disler, basel THE GREAT UNVEILING REGIONALE 21, kunsthalle palazzo, liestal curated by michael babics, basel graphic support: so+ba  // photography: fabio luks+


publication for edwina hörl’s collection schnapsidee if nothing has a cause, anything might be possible, but for the first time this says nothing about the quality or veracity of new considerations or viewpoints. increasingly, being aware of the consequences of individual behavior and of global developments will play a central role. prototypes for solutions, in […]


book design for miu the project series «ex» by japanese artist miu is a platform that aims to convert a space to an experimental play between sound installation and speech performance.«fermata ex» is an alternative version of miu’s play «fermata» about a forgotten underground theatre that once existed in the city.fermataExthe book was part of […]


the exhibition, from the japanese artists nana hirose and kazumi nagatani, «why don’t cats wear shoes?» was shown three times in different locations, cuxhaven, göttingen and at the echigo-tsumari art triennale. the three locations are combined in the by-lingual (japanese and english) catalog .  thousands of shimmering silver letters cover the floor on the installation […]

2019.01.—————edwina hörl and so+ba joind the halfway project +


posters, programs, catalog, flyers, ads, coasters, t-shirts, catering bons etc. P. —————>Programm (program)K. —————>Katalog (catalog)C.i.n.d. —————>Cinema is not dead…… 2016 marks the 20th anniversary for the «internationalen kurzfilmtage winterthur» (short film festival in winterthur). for the anniversary we created a special «20 years» logo. more side events than usual where planed and a special «kurzfilmtage […]


shifting places  //  fasten your seat belt!  //  take off tokyo zurich  //  nebelmeer campari soda  //  drift shift lift gift swift rift  //  eleven h in thin air  //  landed home but far away so+ba’s contribution to the “control shift plus” exhibition held january 2015 at the bärengasse in zurich


order katalog in an age where everything is so easily available, «choose knit» puts its heart and soul into the time-consuming process to make each item you choose special.«chosse knit» takes longer than other products to arrive in your hands, because each item you choose is produced from a single skein of yarn.


branding // event planning and execution // in collaboration with eat creative in february 2014 the embassy of switzerland in japan officially launched the year-long celebrations commemorating the 150th anniversary of swiss-japanese diplomatic relations. swiss days was a four day celebration event at roppongi hills in tokyo, with stalls on the site, offering various swiss […]

FAX ME—————

2013.06.21. – 23.––––fax me––––exhibition21 fri 金 19:00 – 23:59 opening party22 sat 土 11:00 – 18:00 (13:00 – 16:00 m. koji workshop)23 sun 日 11:00 – 23:59 closing bar (dj do it yourself)«ファックス me» is a project by so+ba that started with a request by the australian design magazine «desktop». the task was to illustrate […]


exhibition // invitation // t-shirts // pinphotographs by pascal greco + tableaux by so+ba the power of nature has taken many dear lives. our hearts go out to all those who have lost loved ones and to those who continue to suffer hardship.the profit of this exhibition is given to the red cross japan to […]


poster // invitation // flyer // space designthe «genuine swiss» swiss design symposium presents swiss design in the broadest sense and introduces its quality, specificity and tradition. the symposium features a panel discussion on swiss design with internationally acclaimed swiss designers claudio colucci, frédéric dedelley, daniel freitag, the renowned japanese designer kenya hara and, as […]


architecture and design related magazinethe theme «net» is reflected through the contents as well as the design of the the thirteenth issue of cue+ magazine. the opening of the magazine shows a fold-out structure putting the whole contents in net-structure into relation. client & publisher: yamagiwa corporationeditor in chief: riichi miyakeeditor: motohiko shimizuart direction/design: so+ba


photoshoot artdirectioncanadian singer-songwriter leslie feist was performing at the fuji rock festival in japan 2007, introducing her album «reminder». during her japan stay the «title» magazine interviewed leslie feist. client: title magazine, japanissue: coffee & music/november 2007model: leslie feistphoto: seiji shibuyafashion: edwina hörlart direction/design: so+ba


posters // flyers // postcards // banners // tickets // exhibition design parallel nippon focuses on 110 representative architectural specimens selected from among buildings constructed primarily in japan in the 10 years from 1996 to 2006, presenting them against the backdrop of japan’s socio-cultural environment. the exhibition retraces how japan’s architectural scene has answered with […]